Ready to make your Alpharetta home stand out from the rest? These tips will help you boost your house’s curbside appeal right in time for selling it or hosting a special event.

Put on a Fresh Coat of Paint

You don’t have to do much; just painting your front door can make the biggest difference. A bright new color will make it stand out and give your home a polished look.

Trim Hedges and Shrubs

If you have any bushes or shrubs on your property near the road, house front, or driveway, give them a trim to tidy them up.

Line Driveways and Walkways

Remove weeds that peek out around paver stones and gravel. Shovel loose stone neatly back where it belongs. Consider lining your driveway and/or walkway with a plants, decorative stones, or wooden rails.

Rake Up Debris

Clean up dead and rotting leaves, stray garbage, or fallen branches. This not only makes your lawn look good, but it makes it healthier, as well.

Add Some Color

You don’t have to plant anything if you don’t have the time. Just purchase a couple of potted flower arrangements and place them outside your front door.

Mow Your Lawn in the Right Direction

Yes, it makes a difference! Mowing in a regular pattern makes your lawn look sharp. Alternating directions also encourages lush grass growth and inhibits weeds.

Lay Down Fresh Mulch

A rich earthy layer of brown mulch can make the greenery around your home really stand out.

Don’t have the time or experience to freshen up your front yard? Call in the landscaping professionals. Nature’s Management Group is ready to get you the best yard in the neighborhood!

Posted on behalf of Nature’s Management Group