During COVID-19, social distancing has become the new norm in our day-to-day lives. In a world where human connection is more crucial than ever, gaming can be an effective way to connect with friends, relieve stress, and add some fun to your day!

With social distancing and quarantine taking place, it’s difficult to connect with friends and find creative ways to pass the time. In this time of separation and uncertainty, many people find themselves battling anxiety, mental angst, and loneliness, finding it harder and harder to cope. However, video games are now becoming a prominent pastime and are proving to be significant stress relievers and a mental escape for children, teens, and even adults!

With any video game, it is also important to first consider it's safety and if it will produce a positive mental health effect. Video games that promote violence and vulgarity are not going to produce a calming effect on your mental state. Other games that are colorful, allow you to create an avatar or fictional world, include animals, and are very inviting can soothe anxieties and allow for an escape from a world transformed by a pandemic.

Not only can video games relieve your stress, they can also improve your overall mood! If you are constantly feeling run down by thoughts and feelings of depression, anxiety, and loneliness, your brain needs an escape. Rerouting your brain with a positive atmosphere and fun tasks can lift your spirits and allow you to take control of more positive input in your life. Many video games can be the perfect outlet for engaging with people socially, whether it’s with friends or strangers, and can provide a very similar feeling when interacting with people out in public and can boost your mental mood!

At a time where the future is uncertain and everyone’s asking, “Will life ever go back to normal?” it’s easy to feel lost and alone. When your mind needs an escape, certain video games can be just the thing you need to explore your creative side and spend time with friends at a safe distance! Always monitor your mental health and what you contribute to it!

Happy gaming!
The Street Cred Team