We’ve all been there – staring down the plants at the home improvement store and wishing we knew where to start.

Sooner or later, we take matters into our own hands and just give landscaping a try. Some of us catch on, but there are several rookie mistakes that many would-be lawn designers are guilty of.

Too Boring!

Sure, you can play it safe and ring your trees with hostas and mulch. But how many other homes look just like that? If you’re going to put any expense and time into the project, go all the way. Do your research. Talk with some experts and plan something that will actually turn heads.


Oh, but those cute little plants looked so tiny when you first picked them up! After planting them around your home, you realized there were a lot of empty spaces. That’s why you stuffed a few more tiny plants in there. A year later, however, and you’re fighting to keep the overgrowth at bay!

Layout Clashes With Your Home

There’s no rule that every flower bed should be a certain shape or size. It’s worth it to consult a professional to find out which layouts will accent your home the best. You can change the sod easier than you can change your house!

Incorrect Plant Placement

Most plants are picky about sun exposure, soil quality, and water amounts. It can be incredibly frustrating if you make this a guessing game, planting things at random and then being surprised when they die.

Don’t make any more landscaping errors. Get the job done right with the help of Nature’s Management Group.

Posted on behalf of Nature’s Management Group