You may have a dozen personal reasons for wanting a backyard wedding:

  • Lend a relaxed charm to your event
  • Personalize every detail
  • Party as late as you want
  • Pets are welcome
  • An affordable alternative to expensive venues

But be warned – it can be an overwhelming endeavor.

That’s why you should start preparing now.

Whether you are planning your own backyard wedding or want to host one at your home, there are a few things you should look into now.

Discuss Layout with a Wedding Planner

Don’t go it alone! You need the experience of someone who knows how to feed, entertain, seat, and direct large crowds. Talk about how many people you want to invite and how you want to arrange the event. A skilled planner will let you know if you have enough level yard space for the occasion.

Plan Your Lawn Space

Will you need to reseed to get a lush green carpet? Install fresh sod? Build a walkway or patio? Terrace a hill with a retaining wall to create level ground? Do you know which flowers will bloom in time for the ceremony?

A professional landscaping team like Nature’s Management Group can help you out in all those areas.

Bear in mind that any changes you make to your grounds should be ones you’ll be happy with long after hosting a backyard wedding.

Last-Minute Touch-Ups

Your lawn should be mowed no more than two days before the setup and celebration. If tending to it is too much to handle at this busy point, call in local landscaping experts.

For the best help in making your backyard wedding dreams a reality, call in Nature’s Management Group in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Posted on behalf of Nature’s Management Group