Deer jump unbelievably high fences and leap impossible distances with those long legs. But they’re also able to fold up their willowy limbs to scoot underneath fence rails.

These qualities make deer at once fascinating and frustrating creatures.

When a deer decides to wander through your yard, your landscaping suffers.

What if you don’t have the resources to build a solid fence measuring at least 8 feet from the ground up?

Here are a few techniques to discourage hungry deer from sampling your plants and flowers.

Get a Dog

Dogs and deer are natural enemies. Even if your dog isn’t likely to actually take out a full-grown deer, your dog’s scent in the yard is enough to scare away deer, which have a sensitive sense of smell.

Spray-On Repellent

These products work very well, but you need to remember to reapply frequently. Shake the bottle well before use, too. Pellets and deer-repellent scent stations also work.

Rumored Remedies

There are some deer repellent ideas touted as trusted solutions with the backing of years of experience. But try only if you’re daring! These include: human hair clippings, soap flakes, or urine (best supplied by the aforementioned dog).

Go Natural

Homemade deer repellents are cheap and effective. The only drawback is that they quickly lose potency and wash away with rain. Try a combination of ingredients like raw eggs, garlic, and cayenne pepper – all famous natural deer-repellents.

You may need to try a few different methods to keep deer out. With the right tools and some professional advice, however, you can keep your grounds looking great.

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