When the rain comes down, does it wreak havoc on your hard work? Even the best mulch or heartiest of plants can’t always withstand the water flow when there are drainage concerns.

Being that the Georgia water table is already high, it can make it especially challenging for the average homeowner to combat a muddy lawn. The hard clay or soil in certain areas prevents the water from being able to soak down into the earth. As a result, it just sits on top and creates a miniature swamp in your beautiful yard.

At Nature’s Management Group in Cumming, GA, our landscape experts also provide complete drainage solutions to manage excess rainwater.

Drainage Options Available

One of the most common ways we can help you rid your landscaping of heavy rainfall is by installing a French drain and underwater drainage system to channel water toward an area such as the curb or a nearby storm drain. You might even prefer that water be channeled to trees that need extra hydration.

After Your Drain is Installed

Do you need to replace the topsoil, mulch or turf that a recent rain washed away from your beautiful landscaping? Our Cumming landscape experts can help you to rebuild and recreate the surface with a variety of quality products, including topsoil. Our mulch comes in a variety of options including black, brown, cypress, red, organic, and more. We even have playground mulch available if you’re looking to build an area out back for your children (or grandkids).

Experience high quality, affordable landscaping services in Cumming. Call Nature’s Management Group today for a free quote on any of our products.

Posted on behalf of Nature’s Management Group