New sod is one of the best investments you can make in your Alpharetta home. To make the most of this investment, however, you need to take care of your sod from the start.

These tips from Nature’s Management Group will see your new lawn through the first critical weeks.

Soak Your Sod

Saturate your sod on the first day. Make sure the water reaches down into the top two inches of the underlying soil.

Water Regularly

Proper watering is the most important part of sod care. After installation day, you don’t need to saturate your lawn. Frequent brief watering throughout the day is sufficient.

As your sod matures, you can gradually switch to infrequent and deep waterings. These will ensure the roots grow long.

Stay Off the Grass!

Avoid letting anyone walk or play on your sod during that first week. Pressure can damage the delicate roots.

Don’t Water in the Evening

Watering your sod in the evening increases the risk of a fungus infestation. Schedule the last watering for no later than six PM.

Mow at 2 Weeks

Around the two-week mark, your sod should be stable enough for its first mowing.

Check for Growth at 3 Weeks

After three weeks, lift up a corner of your sod to see how well the roots are attaching to the soil.

Fertilize at 4-6 Weeks

When you should fertilize and with what will depend on your unique sod and soil needs.

Get Expert Advice

Your sod care regimen is based upon your soil quality, the season you install your grass, and the type of lawn you choose. Get advice from the landscapers at Nature’s Management Group to ensure your investment thrives.

Posted on behalf of Nature’s Management Group