Whether you’ve got a major project going on at the elementary school, run a daycare, or just want to set up that perfect play area for your kids, you need the right mulch for the job.

Here’s what you need to know about your most common playground mulch options.

Rubber Mulch

Bits of crushed rubber are a clean option for finishing a playground site. A rubber mulch will last a long time and won’t scrape knees. The biggest drawback is the fact that it’s not organic and can get scattered in the lawn or garden over time.


For kids who love to build and create, sand is the perfect playground filler. Be aware that sand also has a way of getting into eyes, hair, and ruining playtime. You’ll also have to check sandy areas often for signs that a neighborhood critter may have used it as a toilet.


Gravel is the cheap and easy playground solution. But it does pose something of a hazard as small round pieces of stone easily wind up in shoes or even noses. Some kids tend to throw it, because it’s easier to grab. It’s also a little tough to land on in a fall and is easy to slip on.

Bark Mulch

Made from wood debris, bark mulch is a great way to cushion landing surfaces around a playground while adding to the natural look of the surroundings. Bark mulch inhibits insect infestations and fungal growth.

Of course, not just any kind of mulch will do. You need a toxin-free mulch for a comfortable, beautiful, and safe play area.

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Posted on behalf of Nature’s Management Group