Alpharetta home owners like their property to look nice. But poor topsoil quality may be to blame for failing landscaping. What can you do?

If you aren’t much of a gardener, then you’re probably confused about where to start and what you should invest in.

For example, what’s the difference between potting soil and topsoil? Which do you need?

Potting Soil

There’s actually not much in potting soil. As a filler material, its job is to provide a base for plant roots to grab hold of. The only requirements are that it has to drain well and let oxygen in.

Potting soil is intended for planters and pots. It’s not something you dump on your lawn as a fertilizer in hopes the grass will get a little greener.


Topsoil refers to the shallow uppermost layer of dirt pretty much anywhere dirt is found in nature. This layer can contain key nutrients your plants need to thrive. If your topsoil is poor, the plants that grow in it won’t do well.

Signs your landscape may be suffering from poor topsoil:

  • Plants are misshapen
  • Your trees and shrubs are shorter than they should be
  • Discoloration on plant leaves and/or flowers
  • The texture of your soil feels either too gritty and loose or too tight and heavy

If your topsoil not of a good quality, you can mix in some fresh topsoil that’s formulated with all the elements needed to bring life back to your lawn or garden.

Topsoil in Johns Creek

Learn more about how you can rejuvenate your home’s surroundings by adding in some new topsoil. Call Nature’s Management Group today to talk with one of our lawn and soil experts.

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